Sept. 2013

Supermodel International Miss USA

Yahaira Torres

Miss USA Yahaira TorresYahaira Torres will be representing Miss USA:

Yahaira Torres, 28 , Model. will be representing Miss USA in the 2013 Supermodel International Competition all the way in THAILAND! See official sites for contestant info: Oct 24th - Nov 3rd




Supermodel International is an international modelling contest, established by Pradinunt Production Company Limited in 2011. The Supermodel International, with headquarter in Bangkok Thailand, with 50 executive members from all around the world cooperating with the Supermodel International Organization holds their local national competitions for Supermodel International Contest every year.               

Supermodel International is a leading international cultural exchange event integrating female beauty, talents, general quality and cultural communication, which is an epitome of the international cultural and fashion trends throughout the year. It belongs to all girls in the world. Its existence and development contributes to the society, and drives the civilization process of human beings. “Expanding international cultural and fashion development, and meeting worldwide demands, based on the beauty resources across the world.” is the defined theme of Supermodel International Contest.

Supermodel International is the first fashion and cultural exchange project in Thailand, with independent intellectual property and independent operation rights. The sponsorship of contest and the involvement of over 50 countries in the world make up the solid foundation of market operations for this branded competition event.


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